Western India Chemical Corporation are manned by a team of experienced and accomplished people. Our Technology is a combination of chemistry and application of program. Our Company had started to manufacture Boiler Treatment Chemical. due to constant research and development now our company is manufacturing various water treatment chemicals. At present many companies are manufacturing water treatment chemicals which are based on any of PHOSPHATE, SULPHUR, CHROMATE OR ZINC. Due to constant research and wish to bring innovation in this field we are able to develop the products which do not contain PHOSPHATE, SULPHUR, CHROMATE OR ZINC

Our products are based on simple chemistry but the chemistry working in our products can be considered as a miracle in chemistry. The company is proud to claim the perfect alkaline organic chemical composition which is the hall mark that adds real value to our products

Our versatility lies in that we use NO PHOSPHATE at all, in our formulations. Sequestery value, therefore is of no significance and management of water system is most easy as never before.

We take humble pride in achieving innovation by developing unique versatile formula "Without Phosphates, Chromates, Zinc, Sulphur".

Phosphates / Phosphonates hydrolyze and form calcium phosphate scale, which is tenacious and hard to break. toxic heavy metal salts chromates and zinc are done away with, making our products most Eco-Friendly

We are firmly committed to give total solution to our valued clients

UNITED ENGINEERS a proven company in the field of Corrosion & Erosion protection since the last many years. The company is founded and managed by highly technical & professional group, providing the most advanced and yet economical corrosion solutions to the industries.

We maintain high quality Standards to formulate our anti-corrosion lining "REGINA-900" Mfg. by Western India Chemical Corporation which adds real value to product by application through our highly technical applicators.

We also believe and adopt continuous research & development in the field, to maintain world class standards, to provide the most advance & reliable solution to our valued client to fight against corrosion

Our Aim is to provide best solution to fight against corrosion with the help of our clients in the 21st century

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